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One of the most visible rights that the author of a work has, is the copyright over his work. Almost everything that is published, whether electronically or not, is copyrighted.

In general, a work is copyrighted when it is created, and it is not necessary to apply for copyright. In Aruba however, (like in a few other countries), when you register your work, you get a certificate of copyright registration which can be used as an additional evidence of the authorship in case of doubt.

In any case, when a work is copyrighted, others may not use or redistribute the work

without the permission of the author. The purpose of the Aruban Copyright Act, like that of other pieces of intellectual property legislation, is to protect owners while promoting creativity and the orderly exchange of ideas.


This guide is to be considered solely to give some basic information about the intricate subject of copyright and should not be quoted as or considered to be a legal authority. Authority must be found in the Aruban Copyright Act and in decisions of the court interpreting them. Your original work is worth a great deal to you. It pays to protect your intellectual property by knowing your rights and how to use them.


What is copyright?

Who owns a copyright?

Public disclosure

Kind of copyrighted works

Rights of the author

Transferring copyrights

Kind of protection



International Protection

New Copyright Act

Actual Copyright Act in Dutch




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