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Why Aruba?


Bureau of Intellectual Property Aruba
 (Bureau Intellectuele Eigendom)

I would like to welcome you to the website of the Bureau of Intellectual Property. The Bureau of Intellectual Property is the governmental agency  in charge  of  all  matters concerning the  registration of  Intellectual Property in  Aruba. Other than in several  countries, where you’ll find separate  institutions to  handle the  different  areas of  Intellectual  Property, the  Bureau of Intellectual Property covers the whole field of Intellectual Property in Aruba.

I am very happy to welcome you as a visitor on our website and hope you’ll get the information you need. If this  is not the  case you  can always  contact us  (see our "contact us"  section).

Our Bureau is celebrating this year its 30th anniversary. The Bureau was instituted in November 1987.

During the past 30 years Aruba has made great progress in this area:


The patent Act was  introduced in 1995.


Trademark registrations and searches have been automated.


Aruban IP-right-owners are becoming more & more aware of their rights.


Many well-known international brand owners have found their way to the Bureau.

Nevertheless, There are still many other brands in use in Aruba of which still no recording has been made.

Although at this moment protection of a trademark still might be derived by first use, the new Aruban Trademark Act will grant exclusive rights to solely registered trademarks.

The number of patent filings are also showing growing numbers each year again. 

On Januari 31st 2007 Aruba became a member of the INTA. With this membership Aruba has made another step forward in its effort to let the world know about the possibilities of registration and protection of intellectual property in Aruba.  

                                                                    Mr.Robert J Kelly Bsc MBA



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